Graeme Stewart-Robertson is an environmental geographer, artist, and project manager living and working on the east coast of Canada. For the past decade, he has brought his range of expertise in project management to support the vital role Indigenous and local communities in Canada and around the world play in protecting and safeguarding land and seascapes essential to global conservation goals.

Graeme has worked closely with international conservation networks to coordinate recruitment, develop terms of reference, and establish a global Inclusive Conservation Academy. He also recently served as the executive director of one of Canada’s most innovative environmental non-profits, guiding staff and volunteers to find solutions to environmental challenges through outreach, restoration and research. 

In 2015, Graeme began teaching photography for beginners through the University of New Brunswick and maintains an artistic practice in contemporary photography, geographic representation, and digital imaging. Contributing to environmental and arts initiatives across Canada, Graeme brings his unique insight and passion to issues ranging from arts advocacy to climate change adaptation. With over fourteen years of experience in designing, implementing and managing community-based projects, his work challenges our collective relationship with landscape and nature and continues to explore the depths of how we define humanity and its role in natural systems.

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