Graeme Stewart-Robertson is an urban environmental geographer and photographer living and working in his hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick.

An active member of the community, Graeme is the Executive Director of ACAP Saint John and serves on numerous boards and committees across Atlantic Canada, providing insight on issues ranging from poverty reduction and urban planning, to tourism and climate change adaptation. Graeme has over thirteen years of experience in designing, implementing and managing community-based projects, and is recognized as a regional authority on the geography of watersheds, and has authored published reports on ecological restoration, climate change and urban environmental sustainability.

In 2015, Graeme began teaching art photography for beginners through the University of New Brunswick, and maintains an artistic practice in contemporary photography, geographic representation, and digital imaging. From his solo exhibition, “The Geographic Project,” (2013) looking at the role of imaging in our recollection of place, to his installation at Third Shift 2019, “Ash from the Machine (Fraxinus ex machina),” which challenged visitors to separate their relationship with native landscapes and nature from the surrounding urban, colonial environment, Graeme continues to explore the depths of how we define humanity and its role in natural systems.

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